Harrisville Potholder Looms, Loops, and More

Not just for kids anymore! Loved by all ages, these potholder looms are just like you remember from your childhood. A beautiful metal frame will withstand even the most enthusiastic of weavers, and the durable cotton loops will hold up to years of use and washing.

Traditional Size: These looms and loops are the familiar 6x6 (finished size) potholders we all grew up making! This is a great size for taking things out of the oven or under small dishes. Look for the yellow packaging!

Pro Size: A new take on the old favorite, this 8x8 (finished size) is perfect for placing under larger pots and pans. Look for the blue packaging!

Make sure to order loops that match your loom - they only work with the loom they were designed for and can't be mixed and matched!